A Historic Festival

The first Guernsey International Chess Festival was held in October 1975 at the Old Government House Hotel.

In 1979 the event moved to the Ronnie Ronalde’s St Martins Hotel where it remained until 1994 when it moved to the Peninsula Hotel where it was held until 2019.

In 1983 a holiday tournament was held alongside the main open tournament for the first time and the two tournaments have been held every year since. In 1989 a total of 226 players participated in both tournaments.

In 2022 the event was held at the St. James Concert and Assembly Hall in St. Peter Port, and continues to be held there.



Sunday 13th October 2024
Official opening 13.30.
Round 1 starts at 14:00.
Monday 14th October 2024
Round 2 starts at 14:00.
Tuesday 15th October 2024
Round 3 starts at 14:00
Wednesday 16th October 2024
Round 4 starts at 14:00.
Thursday 17th October 2024
Round 5 starts at 14:00.
Friday 18th October 2024
Round 6 starts at 14:00.
Saturday 19th October 2024
Round 7 starts at 09:30.
Farewell prize giving dinner starts 19:30.



Prizes will be published soon.



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